Creating your First Avatar

Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality. Today we will explore our first step into this new and exciting world: creating your own Avatar. Ready? Let's go! First, make sure you have read "Getting Started", the introductory article which is required reading for making an Oculus Rift enabled game in Unity. If you haven't done so already, please read the article in full before proceeding. How to upload VRchat avatars To make it easier for people to play your game you can upload avatars from VRchat. It's completely free and easy to do! Just follow these steps: Step 1: Create an account or login at Step 2: Make your Avatar - Decide what model you're going to use for creating the avatar. - If you want to make a model from scratch, the best way is to use Blender (Free and open-source software), which can be downloaded here: - This tutorial will also help you get started with blender: What is an

Create your own avatar in VRChat

VRChat is an app that has created a user-generated avatar for people to use in virtual reality. This new technology will make it possible for more people to create their own avatars, or “avies”, and feel like they are actually there with other users. What is VRChat VRChat is a social VR app that allows users to create their own avatars. These avatars can be customized in many different ways, including clothing, hair style, voice, and more. You can also change your skin tone or try on different face shapes that are unique to your heritage! VRChat is different from other social media apps because it allows users to create and customize their own avatars. This provides more of an immersive experience within the app and makes it easier for users to feel like they're actually there with others who are using VRChat as well. How to change your skin tone in VRChat VRChat provides the option of changing your skin tone for each avatar. This is extremely beneficial for people who are looking